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Turkey travel - Turkey guide

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Turkish community - discuss other travels about Turkey



Turkey travel guide including Turkey forums, Turkey classifieds, and Turkish travel info for Antalya, Marmaris, Istanbul, Bodrum, Icmeler, Turunc, Rhodos.

Turkey is paradise of sun, sea, mountains, and magnificent views, with combination of magical history and antiquity culture.

In Turkey you can find wide rang of vacation activities for family, couples, groups, or singles. Turkish yachts sailing, cruising ships, mountain climbing, ski sites, spa centers, and Turkish Bath (hamam), antiquities and archeology sites, Turkey rafting rivers, and longing nightlife. Rich culture and traditional folklore are alongside with modern events and shows, shopping centers, local markets and bazaar, and tremendous selection of international world class of Turkey hotels, motels, and clubs villages, all of that together create a wonderful Turkey holiday vacation in equal budgets for every one.

As a one of the most world favorite holidays destinations, Turkey offers the tourists a wide verity of touristic and travel attractions as well as refreshing change from the pressure and the daily routine.

Turkey has many hotels for every budgets, all inclusive Turkey hotels, 5 stars hotels, vacation clubs, pensions, guest houses, motels, apart hotels, as well as private villas for rent. If you planning a Turkey Holiday, or even planning to combined Business and pleasure trip, you can find your dream vacation in Istanbul hotels Marmaris hotels, Antalya hotels, as well as Bodrum hotels.

Turkey City Guide - Explore Turkey


Antalya Turkey - Antalya travel

Antalya well known as the Turkish Riviera. A magnificent combination of the sea sun, beautiful nature, clean beaches, and glory history, all of  that together create one of the most popular resort in Turkey. In Antalya region,
you can find ancient harbors and cities, historical tombs, ancient coves

Marmaris - Marmaris travel

Marmaris Turkey. All Marmaris hotels, yacht charters, restaurants & bars, adventure tours, real estate

Marmaris area, that also know as the Turkish Riviera, is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. This is also where many of the rich Turkish go for a holiday. This area is also filled with many historical sites, and many land and boat tours (you can see the Blue Cave for instance). A good way for you to know the area, is to go on one of the Blue Voyage yachts charter. Marmaris and it's neighbor Icmeler, has modern facilities and international brands Read more...

Turkey hotels - Marmaris hotels

Marmaris, that is known to be one of the biggest touristy sites in Turkey, has many hotels for every budgets. You can find 2-5 stars hotels, and even 5 stars deluxe. It is also possible to find pensions, guest houses, motels, apart hotels, villas for rent and Turkey holiday villages Read more...

Bodrum - Bodrum travel

Bodrum is at a two hours and half drive from Marmaris. The way to Bodrum passes between to several picturesque villages. The road to Bodrum passes next to the city of Muğla. This is the province's capital, the one Marmaris is part of. If you have few minutes, it is recommended to stop along the ascending road, and look down at the amazing scenery of the gulf of Gokova Read more...

Icmeler Going out

Bars along the sea front and in the surrounding streets provide live music supplemented by the nightclubs, nothing boisterous as most of the travelers head for Bodrum and Gumbet. A fair choice of restaurant in Icmeler, many more in Marmaris ten minutes away by taxi or dolmus. The beach is the main attraction for children and although the sand is  gritty the sea is warm and shallow Read more...

Turkey business

Turkey is between the leading countries in the world in the textile production, and fashion. In Turkey has big banking services. It has car industry, that manufacturer cars from world leading companies, and electronics. Turkey's leather industry is well known world wide,
for its quality and styles, and is one of the world's leading manufacturers


Turkey History

Turkey as a state has a long history. The colonization of Turkey started in the High Anatolia area, about 50,000 years ago. Later findings from 7500 b.c were found around Çatalhüyük. The Hitay kingdom rolled this
area between 1900 -1300 b.c. The kingdom's capital was called Hattusas


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - The Father of the Turks

Mustafa Kemal, who is also known as Atatürk- the father of the Turks, exists in two plains. The physical plain, and the metaphysic. There is Atatürk the Person, and the myth that exists nowadays

Rhodes Entertainment - Rhodes casinos

In Rhodes there is rich entertainment and nightlife activities of clubs, bars, cafes, discos, and Greeks ethnic music clubs.  Also there are many of legal casinos houses, for tourists that are interesting to find their luck, and also to the professional gamblers

Marmaris Shopping Marmaris bazaar

Marmaris is a great place for shopping. Here you can find wide range of products from modern shopping center and mall, to varied colorful bazaars, as well as local authentic markets. Among of the famous products that you can find in Marmaris as well as in all of Turkey, are leather goods, Turkish carpets, jewelry, Turkish coffee, ceramic items, Turkish delight such as Halva, Baklava, Apple tea, Lokum, Pines honey, Spices and more.


Gulet turkey - Gulet charter Turkey

Gulet charters blue voyage with Turkish Gulet - Turkey blue cruise holidays vacation. As a traditional Turkish wooden sailing yacht, the Gulet is built for cruising. This modern version, is an improvement of the ancient cargo bearing craft. This craft was used for trade along the coast of Turkey. From this original design, a more comfortable cruising vessel had evolved. Some also have air conditioned and accommodation for up to 12-18 guests in self contained double cabins

Turunc Turkey - Going out

A very good way to get to know Turunc and its surroundings is to take a Blue Voyage boat tour. The town Kumlubuk, with it's beautiful bay and ruins.You can also take one of the boat shuttles that goes back and forth, between Marmaris/ Icmeler and Turunc


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Turkish community - discuss other travels about Turkey




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