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Rhodes guide Rodos Greece

Rhodes guide Rodos Greece

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Rodos -Rhodes travel info, Rhodes hotels, Rhodes tours,  Rhodes vacation, yacht charters. Holiday in Rodos Greece.

The Rhodes (Rodos) guide is for the tourists that arrive by ferry from
Marmaris, as well by Rhodes flight.

Rhodes Hotels
In Rhodes you can find large selection of budget holidays hotels began from high standards prestige hotels, boutique hotels, 3-4 stars hotels, as well as motels, apartments hotels, villas houses for rent, and also rooms for rent.

All the hotels in Rhodes and also in all Greece do not ranked according to stars systems, but according to categorical method. 5 stars and above call luxury hotels, 4 stars call class a, 3 stars call class b, when 2 stars and less call C, D, & E, classes.

Sail to Rhodes
Rodos sailing takes around 50 minutes by ferry from Marmaris international port. The ferry goes usually in morning time and return after noon.

Visitors to Rhodes need to arrange the appropriate verification paper. The verification paper is available by the local travel agencies. In the tourism season July / August, it is recommended to registering at least a day before the sail. When you arrive to Rhodes and passage the bounds criticism you are free to start the tour in the island.

Rhodes - Rodos

Rhodes History
The island of Rhodes was certain period under Turkish rule, as well as other authority of the Italian and more.

The history of Rhodes begins by the year of 1500 BC, at the time of the Greeks was occupied the island from king Argus. By the year of 1100 BC the island was settling by Greek immigrants, under leadership of the legendary Tlepolemos, they founded three cities; Ialyssos, lindos, and kamiros.

By the year of 491 BC, the island was occupied by the persian, except lindos, and her known acropolis, that was protected by Lindian Athena.

By the year of 42 BC, kasios the Roman was wrecker the city and the island. Then by the year of 807, the Seljuk was occupying the island.

In the year of 1191, the King Richard Lion Heart, was invades the island and robs him.

By the year of 1204 the island was occupying by the crusaders that was stay and lives there until 1522, at the time of the island was occupied by the Moslems.

In 1912, the island was occupying by the Italians that control him until 1943, until the rule was exchanged by the Nazi army. In 1945, at the time of Second World War conclusion, the ally forces were taking control of the island. Since then actually, the island is remaining under the Greek authority.

Rhodes travel tours
It is recommended to take a tour to the old city that located between the wall cities. You can visit by the bastion of St John of Jerusalem”, that held the island between the years 1309 - 1522, and changed it to a well impregnable castle. This is remnant from the Gothic age. The place is situated under auspices "Unesco” thing that promises conservation of the site.

Rhodes museum are located in the knights hospital.

In the museum the are many items from all periods history .One of the important findings that were discovered in the city is stone memorial of Crito & Timarista from the 5th century BC.

Another important discovery is the head of young athlete from the 4th century BC. In the museum you can see a very beautiful sculpture of Aphrodite washes. Additional sculptures are scattered in her big yard, a great remnant from the Hellenistic age. A mosaic floor situated in the second floor, along with coffin from stone, in a shape of small temple that contains a goblet.

Except the museum you will be able to see in the old city the gate of ”
Elefterias“ that is one of eleven gates of the old city. Also in the northwest side of the old city there is the gate of “Ambois” and next to him you can see every so often painters that sit and draw.

The main part of the Rodos old city is checkered with antiquities from different time periods. In the past, there was in the island the “Colossus” that reputed as one of the seven of wonder of the ancient world. This structure was situated in the entrance to the harbor. He stood 56 years on his base. The Colossus” construction was began to build by the year of 304 BC, in attempt to point out their victory on

The construction building was continued 12 years, and the conclusion construction of the structure was by the year of 282 BC. By the year of 226 BC, the strong earthquake that was on the island destroyed the structure.

You can see in the old city remnants form the rule of the Venice kingdom in the island. Also you will be able to see the “three sea horses square" remnant from this period.

You can prowl between many colorful stores that fill the narrow streets. Stores that serve mainly the tourists that arrive at the island.

Rhodes Travel

You can prowl in the local market and the bazaar that are quite different from Marmaris bazaar in his rhythm, in his character and his unique atmosphere.

For those that searching something a little different, it is recommended to rent motorcycles or taxi and tour the island. You can travel to beautiful “butterflies valley.

Also, another interesting place is “lindos” that located on area that is 116m height from sea level. In this area were discovered remnants from the Neolithic and the bronze age. According to the city myth, the city of Rhodos was founded as exhaust place for “Athena Lindia”. The golden age of the city was between the 6-7 centuries BC.

When you will arrive to the place you can climb to the Rhodes Acropolis and enjoy from the magnificent view, as well as from the remnants antiquities in the area.

In the harbor area you can rent a motorcycle, or taxi on a daily basis. Some of the cabs in the island are in black color, remnant to the British authority in the island.

You can get additional information in the local tourists center. In the new city the prices level is lower then the old city.

Rhodes Cuisine and food
There are several Greeks delicacies that are representing the Greek kitchen. For example, "Souvlaki" that made from pork, the tzatziki that made from yoghurt, chaffinches peppers and many kind of spices.

And of course there is the Fresh Greek salad. There is the moussaka ,that based on eggplants and mincemeat. It is recommended to taste and experience also with other kind foods from the local great Greek kitchen.

And of course not forget the desserts and sweets department that contains among other delicacies, the  famous Greek Halva and baklava. For feel the real local culture and the unique Greek atmosphere it’s recommended to visit in local club restaurants that serve the island population.

Entertainment and Rhodes casinos
In Rhodes there is rich entertainment and nightlife activities of clubs, bars, cafes, discos, and Greeks ethnic music clubs.  Also there are many of legal casinos houses, for tourists that are interesting to find their luck, and also to the professional gamblers.  

Sea and water sport activity
Along Rhodes there are abstemious spectacular coasts. The entrance for all the beaches is free, except for private beaches of hotels. In the eastern area the Rhodes beaches particular suite for swimming activity, since the sea in this area is sufficiently composure.

In the western area there are a strong winds, that more suitable for to the water sport activity. In spite of this, the sea is still suitable for swimming for people that love high waves. Along the beaches are many diving clubs, that you can be registered for diving activities as well as the different courses.

Rhodes Weather
The average temperature in January and February is around: 11.8 - 12.0 Celsius. In December and March is around: 13.4 - 13.6. In April and November is around: 16.5 - 16.6. In May and October is: around 20.6 Celsius. In June and September is 24.7 - 24.6 Celsius.

In summer between July August, the temperature moves around 29 degrees. In the summer time and particularly in July by the middle of August, there are strong winds (Meltemi winds) in the island that arrived from the Aegean Sea. 

In Rhodes there are many clinics, doctors, as well as pharmacies, some of them are open all night, The governmental hospital are Located in Erithrou Stavrou street and open 24 hours as well as for first help emergency .

Local currency
The official currency in the island as well as in Greece is the Euro. There is many banks and exchange money agencies, as well as automatic banks services that open. 24 hours all week. Also you can find Western Union branches to transfer and delivered money.

Most of the banks are open from Monday to Friday - between 8 in the morning until 2 at noon; in tourism season, some of them are open in Saturday from 5 in the evening until 7.30 in the evening.

It is recommended to compare the exchange and fees Rates in the few other places in the island.

General information
Most of the island local’s particular; in tourism areas are speaking English as well as others languages. Additional information in tourism subjects can be found by the bureau of the Greek governmental tourism, which located by the corner of Papagou & Makariou streets.

Rhodes Greece - brief info:
Primary language: Greek
Country: Greece
Population: 110,000
Surface Area: about 1398 sq km
Coastline: 220Km
Capital: Rhodes
Currency: Euro

Important telephones
Rhodes Hospital 166 or 22410 22 222
Firemen station 199
Police 100
Rhodes Tourism office 22410 27 423
Tourism police are located by the corner
Papagou and Makariou Street.
Tel: 27 423

The word “Help” in Greek is Voeethia".

The main post office is located in Mandraki. Open hours: Monday to Friday - between 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening, in Saturday from 8 in the morning until 3 at noon.

The public transportation in Rhodes covers all partial of the island, and provides comfortable buses and in a good quality. The bus station is located in Eleftherias Square in the new market front of Mandraki harbor.

In Rhodes there is an advanced telephone infrastructure that provides local and international communication Services. You can call directly to any location worldwide, without to needed an international switchboard (operator) Services. Through the island there are many public telephone devices (blue box) for local and international calls. You can buy call cards of in all kiosks or by post offices. The rates of the international call are 30% less between the 8pm in the evening until 7 in the morning of the next day.

For your information: If you stay in the island only during the day, it is recommended to early arrived (at least half hour) before the Rhodes ferry leaving time. She will not wait for you!!!! And you might find yourself constrain to return in  another way to Marmaris!!!


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