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Marmaris land terms of use privacy policy

Marmaris land - Terms of use

As a customer\user of Marmarisland.com, your privacy is important to us. We do our out most to make you to feel comfortable with our extensive orientated customer services. All product , photos, illustrations and specifications in this site, are based upon current information at the time of programming. Although descriptions are believed correct, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
Marmarisland.com reserves the right to make changes to this site at any time, without notice or obligation, to the information contained on this Internet site, including and without limitation to prices, privacy policies, specifications, equipment, colors, materials and to change or discontinue models.
The text, images, graphics, animation files, general files and their arrangement on Marmarisland.com Internet site are all subject to Copyright and other intellectual property protection. These objects may not be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor may these objects be modified or reposted to other sites without permission. The site also contains images and information that are subject to the copyright rights to Marmarisland.com.

Turkey Forums  Terms of Use

Before you
start using marmarisland.com forums, kindly read these terms of use carefully. By participating in any forum, you the user agree to the terms of use set forth below.

Any information you disclose\post in the marmarisland.com forums will becomes public information and can be used by private people \ commercial business \ organization that you do not know. Accordingly, you should take highly caution when deciding to disclose any personal or other information in a forum. Any such disclosures are at your own risk.

Do not send messages that contain commercial advertising, such as text advertising, ad, pictures, media files, and / or videos, without the express permission in advance and in writing of the site owners.

Do not send messages that contain content that violates intellectual property rights
, rights of any other party, including, without limitation, rights of privacy, rights of publicity, copyright, trademark, or is otherwise in violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation, unless you own or control the copyright in and to such material.

Do not upload files containing viruses deliberately forums, any such breach would bring immediate exclusion of the user and
his address according to his IP under marmarisland.com server data.

Do not send messages that contain malicious words, incitement content, rude and vulgar as well as sexual content, images and / or media files that can be construed as libel or slander, or is otherwise in violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation

Do not use coarse language shown in, do not use words and phrases insulting, threatening, inciting, provoking, falcons, and / or damage that may be construed in any way harm either public feelings, user forums, and / or any person, either a private entity, business, institutional
, or is otherwise in violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation.

Although we may monitor or review posted messages from time to time, we do not actively monitor the contents of the forums, and we are not under any obligation to do so. Each user is solely responsible and liable for the contents of his or her postings, and we are not responsible in any way for the content or opinions expressed therein. We have the right, but not the obligation, to remove, edit or move, at any time, any material posted to the forums, in each case as we deem appropriate.

Without limiting any of our other rights or remedies, a violation of any of the above rules of conduct may result in removal of a user\s postings, revocation of registration and/or banning a registrant\s e-mail address or an IP address, which would prohibit the user from having any access to any or all of the forums.
Marmarisland.com will cooperate fully with law enforcement officials and may disclose details regarding its users, if required to do so by law, or in the good faith belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with any court order with respect to any claim, that regarding to marmarisland.com web site including the forums and any material that posted by you\users, including, without limitation, such material and information regarding your identity and any other information we may have about you.

Marmarisland.com Privacy Policy

As a customer\user of Marmarisland.com your privacy is important to us. We do our out most to protect you privacy details and information.

Marmarisland.com may collect and in some cases, reveal some
Personally Information about you.

Collected Information
Any Published Information, Registration Information, Statistical Information, Payment Information (if there is any) and any information that may be collect from you, either through submission done directly by you, or the use of cookies (see cookies section below) or any other means will referred to as 'Collected Information'.

This is due to the fact that Marmarisland.com requires the user to submit contact information, such as name, address, E-mail, Passwords, etc’, but only after your consent. We may use the registration information you have provided; in order to contact you, or it may be used by visitors on our web site, regarding your add/ request that was placed on Marmarisland.com.

Children safety
Marmarisland.com Classifiedforums system does not permit persons under the age of 13 to register on our web site. If Marmarisland.com Classifieds\forums will find and learns about listing\post that provide by a person under the age of 13, Marmarisland.com will exclusion and remove that user and his listings\post.

Third party links
Marmarisland.com Classifieds and forums or User Member that place ads on Marmarisland.com Classifieds and forums, may provide links to a other third party web sites, that perhaps may using different privacy policies from Marmarisland.com Classifieds and forums are using. Marmarisland.com Classifieds and forums are not responsible in any way for, nor have any control over, the privacy policies on these third party web sites. We recommended all User Member to read the privacy policies of every web site you visit.

Privacy Policy update
Marmarisland.com Classifieds\forums Privacy Policy may change from time to time, so please review our privacy policy statement to see if there is any update.

The Information We Collect
Registration Information – during the registration process, as a registered user of Marmarisland.com site, you are being asked to submit personal information. This information will include your name, address, phone/fax number, e-mail address, all listings and review content, activity logs and other records, and other personal information, or business information, as well as other details, as needed.

Publishing Information
If you submit any publishable information to Marmarisland.com web site, through the publishing tools, including but not limited to Product, Leads Company, and any discussion forum, Blog, or any other communication tools, then you agree to give your consent to the publication of such information ('Publishing Information').

Statistical Information
As part of our never ending effort to improve our service, we gather relevant statistical information about our Site and Users. This information includes such things as IP addresses, browser and software version, operating system, viewed pages, number of sessions and unique visitors, etc. ('Statistical Information').

What is cookies and how they are been used?
A cookie is a small text data file that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive.

It is very common for many other web sites to use cookies, so it can enhance identification of its users, make your experience quicker and more convenient.
Marmarisland.com use 'cookies' to store specific information related user, including your visits to our site.

Cookies give to our users the ability to login\register without entering their ID and password each time they use Marmarisland.com classifieds\forums. The cookies technology, also help us understand how the users use our site, all the above give us the ability to improve our service to our users.

We do not use the cookies technology to retrieve any details from your computer, other than the information that we provide, such as a user system ID, etc.

Since the browser can work without cookies, it is up to you, to use or not to use cookies.

However Marmarisland.com Classifieds\forums require that you accept cookies in order to our web site work properly, some of our classifieds systems functions in our website may not work properly for you, if you choose to remove cookies from your computer browser.

Marmarisland.com may use “cookies” for Advertising, and publisher’s networks that serve ads onto Marmarisland.com Classifieds\forums.

How we may use Information
General -The use of your collected Information is used to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, with a statistically analyze of the site’s usage, in order to improve our content and product variety and to customize our Site's content, layout and service specifically for you. The account‘s collected Information may be used, including but not limited to explore and fix problems, resolve disagreements and to enforce agreements with us.
We do not rent, trade sell, or exchange any personally identifying information of our Users to any third party.

Marmarisland.om Classifieds\forums may disclose details regarding its users if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to the follows:

As for respond to a legal process such as subpoenas, court orders.

As for respond to claims that a listing or content violates the rights of third parties, or protect the rights of property or personal safety of Marmarisland.com, its users or for the general public affairs.

In case of enforce our Marmarisland.com classifieds\forums Terms and ConditionsUser Agrements.

Password Protection - As a registered user, your payment Information (if any) publishing information and registration information, can only be viewed and edited through your account, as well as the Marmarisland.com admin control, that is protected by a Password.

We recommend that you do not reveal your Password to anyone. Our stuff will never ask for your Password in an unsolicited phone call or in an unsolicited e-mail. Thus, if you get an unsolicited e-mail, or unsolicited phone call, PLEASE, don’t give your User name and password, away! If you share a computer with others, make sure you do not choose to save your login information (e.g. User ID and Password) on the computer. Remember to sign out of your Account and close your browser window when you have finished your session.

For User Attention! Account information is password protected.
Keep your password safe.

Although we do our out most to protect you privacy details, in secure and safe environment in our system. Marmarisland.com Classifieds\forums cannot guarantee 100% security of any information you transmit to us or from our online Classifieds system

For your attention! Please be aware that, whenever you provide your personal information online by Internet - for example, post your ads through Classifieds listings forums post, or by email – that your information can be collected and used by others. Your personal information accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return.

You are total solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your passwords and/or any account information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you are online.

Feedback - Your comments are important to us!
If you have any comment or suggestions that you would like to forward to Marmarisland.com please forward them to us along with your name and address that will not be given to any third party. We appreciate your input. To help us best serve your needs, please be as descriptive as possible. [email protected]
Marmaris Land - Your Turkey Guide

Turkey Classifieds Ads - User Agreement

Marmaris Land - Turkey Guide

illegal copies ! Sites copy illegal plagiarism content of marmarisland.com

It has come to our attention that some web sites are using illegal copies of our marmarisland.com quality contents under other web sites brand names and under variant logos. These sites are using our contents without our authorization. Marmarisland.com "do not give" any kind of permission to copy, translate to other languages, or to use our content, not for private and not for Commercial use, and not for any kind of use.

Marmarisland.com started legal formalities against these plagiarisms. We will be take legal actions against any website that is running\using an plagiarisms contents copies of marmarisland.com

Kindly E-mail us if you find any website that using or distributing our content illegally. "Marmaris Land" welcome any assistance from you on this issue.

Warning! content plagiarism is a serious crime by law.



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