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Turkey Crime
In Turkey and especially Marmaris, the level of crime is low, in comparison to the U.S.A and the big cities in the rest of the world. Our recommendation is, do not do things that you will not do in your own country. Do not go to places that you will not feel safe. By the same token, it is advised to always take care to your belongings, documents, wallets etc... (or to deposit it in hotels safe). Put your stuff inside closed/ hidden pockets.

For you safety, we serve you a short guide on "how to act" on the street, mainly in the central cities of Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, etc...), and also how you can defend yourself.

Though crime and rape is less common in Turkey, it still excised. For women that traveling  in Turkey, mainly in areas with religious population, it is recommended to be attentive to the local Turkish customs.

Wallet stealing
Wallet stealing are more common in public areas of the cities. Places such as shopping malls, markets/ Bazaars, the beach, etc,.

Staged Street “Fights”
This is an attempt to attract tourist's attention. When the tourist approaches the area of the event, a group of people get around the tourist. They arrange stage street fights, and when the tourist's attention is on the “fight”, people from the gang pickpocket their wallets, and other valuables. Some times the escape from the place is don by a taxi, when the driver collaborate with the crooks.
Ways of self defense - It is advised to leave quickly the place of the event. Enter a store, a restaurant, shout for help, or call the police.


Beverage spilling
A man is spilling a drink on you “by mistake”, and immediately he “helps” you get clean. Whilst he helps you, his friend pickpockets the victim (you), and cleans you up good.

A man carrying few boxes, bumps into you. While he apologizes to you, his mate pickpockets you.

Restaurants Women Wallet stilling
The thief enters the restaurant, takes the wallet and escapes from the door. Make sour your purse is next to you at all times.

A Gypsy Group of women and Children
The group surrounds the tourist, and start asking a lot of questions, and or asks for medical aid. It is in this time, the children pickpocket the victim. The victim is oblivious most of the time. Thus, he/she finds out only later that contents of the pockets disappeared.

Please show me a Dollar
Local person approaches you, and asks you if you can show him American dollar\Euro, Once you take your wallet out, he will yank it out of your hand.
A words of warning! Do not chase after this person!!! Some of them, even youngsters, carry firearms, knives etc,. Call a policeman, or at least report it to the police about the robbery, in order for you to report it to your insurance company.

Remember ! There is no substitute for LIFE !!!

Stings scheme against single men
Whilst you travel on the bus or train, wait at the bus stop, coffee shop, restaurant, and or other places where you stay, two three “new friends” approach you. They ask you where you travel to. As it happens to be, they travel to the same place you travel to. Then they offer to join you and show you their wonderful country. Further more, they offer to share their food with you, sweets and or drink. Some of the food contains anesthetic that will put you to sleep within seconds. While you are a asleep, they will take your passport, your money and even your belongings from the hotel, the train or from the bus, and disappear along with your “new friends”.

How to avoid those schemes
Pay attention when someone unknown to you, invites you to a meal and or a drink. He offers to bring for you the food or the drinks personally, in an attempt “help” you with the difficulties of the language. On the way, he drugs your food/ drink. Uninfluenced, he insists politely that the waiter will serve the meal or the drinks, and that pay yourselves for them. Then, he cleans you broken completely.

Be careful your “new friends”. Take pictures with your “new friends”, and or photograph them apart. If they refuse to be photographed, it should be a sign or warning to you.

If you are offered food or drink, refuse politely, and in order not to awaken any suspicion, (Since one taste or one sip can cost you all your belongings). Tell them you are on a diet, or sensitive, or allergic according to the food that is offered to you. If it is a sweets or gum that is in a pocket, put it in your purse, and say you will use it later.

Eat and drink only the foods you bring with you, and or you acquired directly in stores, supermarkets, or cafes and restaurants.

If your “new friends” react strongly, keep your distance from them, leave them as soon as possible. Look for a public place, such as railway station, hotel, central shopping mall, a health clinic, and or a security/ police station. Even stand next to a stop light, with security cameras, might deter them. If they say they want to stay in the your hotel, tell them that you are a guest at friends house. The most important thing is to get away from them. It is possible also to say that you must arrange something (different papers and the like of it) in your consulate/ embassy, or in a police station.

Inflated Nightclubs Bill
This scheme works usually in 2 ways, generally solitary men, usually in Istanbul, and sometimes in other cities. You walk in town in the evening, when a well dressed up man, starts talking to you in good English. He then offers you to go to drink together, and lead you to a bar, or club in which the scheme takes place. At the moment that you sit down, a woman, and or a couple, will join you at your table. They will then order the most expansive drinks on the menu. When the bill is placed on the table, you will be asked to pay the inflated bill, that also has the woman's/ couple's drinks. You will be asked “politely” to pay all your money, and or your credit Card.

Many times it can be up to 1000$ dollar or Euro. Insofar as try to object, you will be taken to the rear room "The Office" , you will be "convinced" to pay. Actually it is a robbery, but it is a robbery that is hard to proof to the police.

The club owner will claim you ordered expensive drinks, then you became drunk and caused damage to the club, and did not agree to pay. Actually it is his word against your word. Since he is local, and knows the language and he knows what will happen. He knows that as a tourists, you will complain to the police, and if and when you will succeed to prove something, a trial will take a long time, and that you will have to stay in Turkey until the sentence. This will cost you more then you were “asked” to pay.

Second way for this stings operation is, when you sit alone in the bar, coffee shop, a restaurant or a club. Then two three men, sit with you or beside you, and start a conversation with you. After a little while they offer you to more to another place, where the scenery is better, better music, eats good etc... In the car or taxi, they “help” you to part from your wallet, from your purse and or other valuables, and throw along the way, in big city, in a foreign country, and without any means of communication.

How to avoid this turkish schemes
Do not be sucked "new friend" offers. It is possible to refuse politely, and or to say that you do not drink alcohol. By the same principle, it is advised to enter places where other tourists are. Do not go to insulated places, and or places that are in the tourists information directories.

An Under cover policemen” scheme
This scheme is done mainly in Istanbul, but can happen also in other cities. A group of criminals, in the civil vehicle and clothing civilian, stop tourists and show them counterfeited certificates, stop next to a single/ group of tourists. They ask to see their passports, calming they are looking for drug. They talk to you, at times, and during the that time, the might ask to see your money belt, “to make sour you do not have drugs”. Then, while you focus your attention one the talking “policeman”, his friend will take money from your wallet. After giving you back your stuff, they release you to your way, while apology for troubling you, and the unpleasantness that was caused you.

How to avoid this scheme
It is Advised to always guard, money inside closed/ hidden pockets , and to keep a number of small bills in your wallet, so it looks like you do not have a lot of money on you. If ask, say you left your documents / and or money in the hotel's safe, or at friends.

Now when you are aware of the schemes, you can be more alert and careful. It is up to you to make sure it will not happen to you!

If you come across a scheme that is not mentioned here, please send us an e-mail about it to:
[email protected]




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