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Turkey General information
Official name - The republic of Turkey.
Founder - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
Capitol - Ankara.
Population - Around 70 million (according to data from 2004).
Language - Turkish, with Latin characters.
Money - Turkish Lira (ytl).
Territory - 814,578 kilometers.
Central cities - Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Konya, Bursa.
Religion and nation - 99% of the residents are Muslims, most of them secular, religion institutions are isolated from the state.
A method of administration - Democracy.
Length of shore- 83333 kilometers.

Visa to Turkey
In order to know if you need a visa to Turkey, please ask the Turkish embassy in your country, since visa regulations, may change by the Turkish government, without prier notice.

Turkey Postal System:
Turkish post-offices are easily recognized by their black PTT letters on a yellow background. Major post offices are open from 8:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m., Monday/Saturday, and 9:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m., Sunday. Small post-offices have the same hours as the government offices.
Postal charges vary for different services depending on destination. Post restate letters should be addressed "Protestant" to the central post-office Merkez Postanesi, in the town of your choice. You have to show your identification card to collect your letters.

All PTT branches have the facilities to exchange money at the current international exchange rates, as well as international postal orders and travelers' checks. There is also an express postal service (APS) operating to 90 countries for letters , documents and small packages. A wide variety of special stamps are available in all PTT centers for philatelists.

To phone from PTT telephone booths, which are extensively found in all areas; telephone cards , and tokens in three sizes are used. Local, inter-city and international calls can be made from all PTT offices. Besides these main offices there are also mobile PTT services in the touristy areas. For the area codes of major cities and touristy areas in Turkey, please see the "Area Codes" list. Foreign countries area codes are indicated in the International Telephone Codes list.

Some important service numbers are:
155 Police
112 Emergency
110 Fire
118 Unknown Numbers
161 PTT Information.

Turkey Working Hours
Turkey Government Offices
Monday-Friday (8:30-12:30) , (13:30-17:30)
Saturday-Sunday (closed).
Turkey Banks
Monday-Friday (8:30-12-00) , (13:30-17:00)
Saturday-Sunday (closed).
Turkey Shops
Monday-Saturday (9:30-13:00) , (14:00-19:00)
Sunday (closed).
Istanbul Covered market: Monday-Saturday (8:00-19:00)
Sunday (closed).

During summer months, the government offices and many other establishments in the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions are closed in the afternoon. These fixed summer hours are determined by the governing bodies of the provinces.

Other Practical Information

Turkey Local currency
In most of Turkey, it is possible to you American dollar, English pound, Euro, Travel checks, and of course Turkish Lira. The Turkish currency is called Turkish Lira. Starting 1.1.05, the government erased six zeros from all currencies . So that 1,000,000 lira, became 1 new lira.

Turkey Credit Cards
You can use any of the major credit cards in Turkey especially in the touristy cities: Visa, Diners, MasterCard, American express. Most money machines (ATM) will let you take out money with your card. You can get Turkish lira, Dollars, English Pound, Euro and some other currencies as well.

Turkey Local time:
GMT+3 hours (April-September) GMT+2 hours (October-March)

Time Differences:
Argentina -5, France -1, Netherlands -1, Australia +8, Germany -1, Saudi Arabia+1, Austria -1, Greece 0, Sweden -1, Egypt 0, Italy -1, Switzerland -1, England -2, Japan +7, Spain -1, USA -7 (EST) -10 (WEST)
* These time differences are for the period October-March; however, they may show variances according to each country's own time-saving adjustments.

Petrol in Turkey
Super (premium) - Unleaded (at some places). Normal (regular) - Diesel.

Electricity in Turkey
220 volts AC/50 Hz. all over Turkey. (Industrial:380 V) Plug: European round/ 2-prong plug.

Water in Turkey
Although tap water is safe to drink since it is chlorinated, it is recommended to get advice from the conceded authorities of the places resided.

Weights and Measures:
1 inch = 2.54 centimeters , 1 centimeter = 0.3937 inches
1 yard = 0,9144 meters, 1 meter = 1.0936 yards
1 mile = 1,6093 kilometers, 1 kilometer = 0.6214 miles
1 pound = 0,4536 kilograms, 1 kilogram = 2.2046 pounds
1 acres = 0,4047 Hectares, 1 hectare = 2.471 acres

1 UK gallon = 4.546 liters, 1 liter = 0.2199 UK gallons1 US gallon = 3.7831 liters, 1 liter = 0.2643 US gallons

Turkish Newspapers and Magazines
Foreign newspapers and magazines are available in big cities and tourist areas. Also there is a Turkish news magazine, Daily News, published in English.

Tipping in Turkey
At various establishments like hotels, restaurants, Turkish baths, barbers and hairdressers, tipping at a rate of 5%-15% of the total is common. Taxi and "Dolmuş" drivers on the other hand, do not expect tips or even rounded fares.

Visiting in Turkish mosque:
Five times a day, the “Muazin” calls the faithful to pray in the mosque. Before entering a mosque, Muslims wash themselves and remove their shoes. Foreign visitors should also remove their shoes and show the respect they would any other house of worship and avoid visiting the mosque during prayer time. Women should cover their heads and arms, and not wear miniskirts. Men should not wear shorts.

Turkey Holidays

Turkey Official holidays
January 1st is new year's day.
April 23rd is independence day and children's day. Most of the stores act as usual.
May 19th is the Atatürk's memorial day, and youth's sport day. Most of the stores act as usual.
August 30th, victory day. Most of the stores act as usual.
October 29th, republic day, which is like an independence day.

Turkey National holidays
The religious holidays in Turkey are determined according to the Muslim calendar, and they are from urines is immediate year:

Seker Bayrmi - It means sweet holiday, and it marks the completion of the Ramadan fasting. It continuous for 3 days. On this holiday, all government offices and banks are closed down.

Kurban Bayrmi - Starts 40 days after the Ramadan fasting fasting, and it continuous for 4 days. All government offices and banks are closed.

Ramadan - The Ramadan fasting continuous for 30 days. Tourists and many locals, continue their day to day activities, as usual. Government, banks and shopping facilities, are open as normal.

Turkey Religion
99% of the population is Muslim (Two thirds are Sune and a third are Shiites). Since 1924, there is a clear separation between religion and state, according to law. Elections take place every 4 years. Most of the population is secular.

Turkey Eats and drink
To the Turkish food has "a tendency" to be spicy, with varied seasonings, smells and tastes. The Turkish food culture has big influence on the life in Turkey, including many European countries as well. Throughout the Ottoman empire rule, many countries were under its authority, and assimilated the Turkish cooking style. So for example, the Balkan countries. Countries like Spain, Hungary, areas in east Europe etc... '. One of the common foods in the country is ”Lahmacun“ which is the Turkish version to pizza. It arrives with mincemeat and vegetables, and hot peppers. If you want the vegetarian version, ask for Pide (cheese and veggies).
In the summer, the Turks usually drink “Ayren” which is made from frosty yogurt diluted with water. This beverage freshens and feeds you buddy on hot summer days


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