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Turunc Turkey - Turunc vacation

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This breath taking village, can be found in a distance of about, 20 kilometers from Marmaris. This holiday village, thou it grow in the last few years, is not very big in size. In spit of that, it combines in it the nature's beauty, the ambiance of serene and nirvana of the place. This remoteness, along with the fact the place is somewhat, hidden, helps keeping cleanliness of the place. In center the village, there are souvenirs stores, stores that sale pine honey, that is native to the area, spice shops, and many other things that are collected around the village.

It is believed that the first settlement of this area of Turunc, was around the same time that Marmaris was first settled. Turunc has been a continuous settlement from Hellene to Byzantine times. The village, that was settled by nomad. These nomad made  there living from flocks, agriculture, thyme, bay leaf trees, sage and carobs, along side fishing. Now days, how ever, there's a little left from the old way of life. Turunc had evolved  into a vacation and holiday resort. Though it's not as big as it's neighbors, Marmaris or Icmeler, Turunc is  a nice, clean and quiet. There are 2 ways to get there. One is by boat from Marmaris or Icmeler. The second one, is by car or Dolmush, on a very beautiful and scenic rout.

The village had won the “Blue flag" which is given to any place touristy place, that is able to protect nature and the cleanliness of the environment, in spite of the increase in the population and the building.

Upon completing the land rout to Turunc, you see a breath taking view. Underneath you, you’ll see Turunc and it beautiful bay, spread accrues the horizon. If you come by a boat, it seams like it is hidden behind the hills. It takes about 25 minutes to Icmeler and about extra 15 minutes or so, to Marmaris.

The climate in Turunc enables you to swim 7 months a year (April-October). If you’re up to it, you can go on tours like trekking, jogging, and scuba. By large, the temp’ in Turunc is not less than 15 - 20 C in daytime. From Turunc to the airport in Dalaman, it is about 120km and to the one in Izmir, it’s about 280km.

Turunc history
Some findings that were found around the village give us some clue to the beginning of the areas colonization. It is about the same time as Marmaris was founded. The area was inhibited by nomads, know by the name "Yoruks". They arrived from area that is known as the “Taurus” mountains. They sat in the beautiful, breath taking fruitful gulf. The village of Turunç, has been settled consecutively since the Hellenistic times through the Byzantine period, until our time. The nomads that settled the place, grew sheep for milk and meat, had been actively involved in agriculture, grew sage, bay leafs, carobs and thyme, along with fishing.

Over the past years, more people have “discovered” the beautiful Turunç. It is possible to see it in the many construction sites, the new streets, shops and even the number of cars. In spite of that, Turunç is still quitter if you compeer it to Marmaris.

Turunc Going out
Since Turunc has just recently started evolving into a tourist site, it doesn't have a very big entertainment area. It has though, facilities ranging from pensions to luxury hotels and a smaller shopping center then Marmaris. How ever, this doesn't mean you can't go out at night for a drink or a restaurant.

A very good way to get to know Turunc and its surroundings is to take a Blue Voyage boat tour. The town Kumlubuk, with it's beautiful bay and ruins.

You can also take one of the boat shuttles that goes back and forth, between Marmaris/ Icmeler and Turunc.

If you want to starch your legs, you can take a walk on the beach, to dive in the bay, sit in one of the restaurants, or just sit on the dock at the bay.

Some people like to just “hangout” at the shore or seaside. There is a variety of coffee shops, restaurants and small dinners. You can have a drink just to lie in the blue refreshing water around you. One of the main differences between Marmaris and Turunç is, the tempo. Marmaris is more fast going with people and cars all over the summer time, whilst Turunç is much more easy going in nature. The shop owners are more relaxed when it comes to doing business.

Ways to get to Turunç
One way is to take a Dolmuş service from Marmaris, next to Tansaş' entrance. You can stop the service any way along its rout, when it goes on the main road of Marmaris, towards Içmeler. It take about 35 minutes to get to Turunç. It is recommended to catch the Dolmuş at the first station. This way, you'll have a sitting place for the journey. Upon your arrival to the mountains around Turunç, you will get an awesome view of the village, the bay and the surroundings.

Additional way to get to Turunç is by a Taxi boat from Marmaris. The “Taxi Station” is opposite to “Sabanci” school. The taxi has few stops along the way, before Turunç. It stops in some of the 5 stars hotels, as well as in Içmeler. When taking this rout to Turunç, the village will show up slowly to your eyes.

A third way, though not so popular is, by boat from the neighboring island of Rhodes. You can either take a hydro boat ride to Marmaris and from there by one of the ways described above, or to come by a yacht to Turunç. You will need to register with the port authorities.

No meter which way you will choose, you will have great time in Turunç, even if you want to go out at night and have a ball. If you do not find it in Turunç, you can always go to Marmaris, with its upbeat tempo.

Turunc Trips and tours

Turunc Cruise
This cruise goes around the bays around Turunç. It also goes to the bays of Içmeler and Marmaris. On the way you will pass next to Cleopatra's cave, that is also known as the “Blue cave”, Yalanci Boğaz, where one of the ship yards is located. The cruise is enjoyable and calm style, with stops along the way, for swimming and fun.

Turunc Diving
The beautiful gulf of Turunç, is a good place for diving and divers. In Turunç there are certificated PADI guides, at you service. They will help you, regardless if you are a novice or an expert. You can learn diving there if you want. Some of the diving places are like thus of Marmaris, but your starting point may be different then the of in Marmaris.

Turunc water sport
Along the beach, it is possible to rent jet skis, to take a banana ride, to catch one of the parachutes rides, to do water ski, or just enjoy the sun and sea. Just make sure the place has a valid insurance for you!!! Also, if the activity you partake in involves jet skis and such, that the price includes the gas price as well. Remember, gas in not cheep in Turkey!!!

Turunc Mountain Hiking
The mountain range behind the Lorima holiday village, is compatible area for those how are looking for mountain hiking. A rule of thumb, it is advisable and recommended not to go hiking in this area alone, but with a few more people. Tell the hotel staff, or one of you holiday's guides that you are going mountain hiking.

Turunc Jeep Safari
The starting point is in the village area, next to the village's entrance. Going up the road from the village, is fun and beautiful. The drive is done in a convoy, that is headed by the tour leader, that is native to this area. It is important to the group's leader instructions, since he/she knows the ways and the area well. Is recommended to take a camera, bathing suit, hat and sun block cream. To learn more about the road, please look at the Marmaris guide.

Amos Antiquities
Near the village, there is a site with antiquities in it. It is possible to arrive to it with a car, through the mountains scenic road. The road, or more correct to say, the rout, holds some surprises. On the way you will be able to see the many beehives, that are scattered in this area. The production of honey in this area of Marmaris, is Pine honey. You might want to stop along the way, and ask if you can taste it, before you continue you journey. Another way to get to Amos is, by boat. i.e. sailing. If you want to get here by boat and you don't have yours, then you can rent a boat in Marmaris marina. In the site there are remnants of the city that once was magnificent and controlled part of the gulf.

A ward of caution: Out of Turunc and in the rural areas, many of the roads are not paved or fenced!!! Therefore, it is advised not drive fast, since there are many dangerous curves along the way.



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