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The Ugly Tourist - beautiful tourist

Tags: Ugly tourist | Turks | Turkish culture | Turkey hotels


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The term ugly tourist, is a term that can be used to describe any tourist that does not respect the country he/she is in. In the year 1959 two Americans William Burdick and Eugene Burdick used the term “The ugly American” in a book by the same name. The term “Ugly Tourist” refers to every person/ tourist that shows ignorance, conceit, lack of respect and obscenity in regard to a different culture from his.

One of the reasons to the phenomenon of the ugly tourist can be found in cultural shock, actually it is quite normal to experience culture shock, when one is in an unfamiliar culture, and the different unknown culture to us. The immediate reaction it is a postponement from all different thing, and fear before the unknown.

Sometimes, the Public relation that promotes the site we go to, makes the place better and nicer then it really is, thus, creates high expectations, at times to the extreme. This happens usually in relate to low costs charter flights, and the facilities of the resort you go to. Many times the visiting tourists (but not you, of course) patronize the locals and see them as valueless, as well as, rude to them. Therefore there became to be the "ugly tourist". The ugly tourists are makes themselves undesirable guests, and as a result from that, it's effects also on tourists that do not act in this manner.

How to be a beautiful tourist
Be attentive and open-minded for all cultural and economical differences in the country you are visiting. Pay attention to the day to day costumes. For instance, it is normal to kiss and hug when you meet someone, and when you depart as well.

If you learn few daily words and numbers, (look at our short Turkish  dictionary section) and a few on the local customs, it will make your stay more fun and easy.

Some things around, might seem to you different and unknown, it is not necessarily incorrect, things such as eating together from the same pot/ serving dish, religious beliefs, different laws, etc... '.

Be tolerant, courteous and affable. Saying “Teşekür aderım” (thank you), please, good morning, and good evening, words as such can be helpful the and good. The Turks are very appreciative and even friendlier (The are without it as well). If you don't have something nice to say, it is better not to say anything!

Show an interest and appreciation in regard to the Turkish culture, the history, the art, and the Turkish food. Some tourists are rudder after drinking, more then usually. They become lauder, obnoxious rude as well as some times aggressive.

Know that not necessarily all the Turkish people, are honest and un rude. Just like other places in the world (Just like in your country). Give good example whenever you're.
 Be the beautiful tourist !  And most important enjoyed from your vacation !

In the Air port

Check- in, Check- out
Be kind to the ground crew, whether it is the check- in crew, or the security crew. Do not bring heavier or bigger then allowed. Be patient and kind to the other passengers around you. Do not push, shove, shut or cures.

Going out of the plain's “sleeve” will start your way to border control, where you will asked to hand in your passport. No need to hurry, shove or push, since you will have to wait for your baggage any way. In high season, it is advised to get to the air - port , at list 3 hours before the flight. That is due to the big amount of flights leaving the air port.

Be patient since things do take time.

Since all seats are issued upon check- in, you do not need to “charge” the plain.

Sometimes, there is a delay in flight time, even when you board the plain. Getting mad, or shutting will not do you any good. Yes, it might be somewhat annoying, but there is nothing you can do about it. So just find something to do, until flight time.

In the plane and after landing
As you know, it takes time for the plan's doors to open. Stay sited until the doors open. A little patience, will help you start your holiday on the best side.

The departure from the Turkish airplane is by a "sleeve". Remember that some time, especially in the summer time, it takes longer to go through baggage claim, and passport control. The best thing is just to take your time, no need to hurry and pushed.

No need to push or shove, since all seats are reserved upon check in. The crew aboard the plain will direct you to your seat. Use the storage space above you, for you back pack, or put it underneath your chair. If you want to move to an empty seat, ask the crew before hand.

Tough the plain is just a mean of transportation, it is advised to follow few guide lines, for your safety. When asked to seat down and not walk the isle, seat down. It is for you own safety. This is due to the fact that the plain might stop at once (on ground), or in flight, it might turn sharply on its side. Once stopped, it is better to stay seated until the plain's doors open, it take few minutes for the doors to open. A little patience, will help you start you vacation on the best side. Though the crew is on board for you, be kind to them. Do not jerk the crew around, insult it, shout and bad mouth it. The crew members will come to you as soon as it can. You can use the bell above your head to get the crew's attention.

The crew has its order for food distribution, it is best wait patiently for your turn. Let the crew serve the food to you. Do not take anything yourself.

On some charters, the spacing between the seats is small, so when you stretch your seat backwards, all the way. Please keep the lavatories as clean as possible, and do not remove any attached items, from the lavatories. Know also, that smoking is forbidden on plains, and that there is a smoke detector in the lavatories. The crew is allowed to use force is a passenger is violent, or jeopardy's the safety of the other passengers, crew or plain's safety.

Remember to switch off the mobile phone and fasten your safety belt, when you are told to.

Upon leaving the plain, feel free to thank the crew for there service.

Staying in Turkey Hotels
During Turkish tourism high season, sometimes the check in to the hotel, might take longer time then normal. Arguing, will not help you get into your room faster. In some cases, it will even make it longer. Remember that it is the hotel's self interest to send you to your room quickly.

check - In time to most hotels including All Inclusive hotels, is from 14:00, when check- out is until 12:00. It is better to check if you have paid all your bills, before your departuring the hotel, and not when your transportation is waiting for you.

Turkish Meals
In most 3-5 stars Turkey hotels, the food is served in an open buffet, with European and Turkish cocking. At times the food might be somewhat to spicy for some. Just take what you want, and go for “seconds” if you feel like it. If you go to “All Inclusive” hotel or resort, it is advised to eat in moderation, if you don't to put on few extra kilos/ stones, since food is in abandons.

In Turkey it is normal to see people smoking, in the hotels, restaurants, etc, though if you ask someone not to smoke next to you, most likely, he/ she will put there cigarette away. There are plenty of ashtray's every ware, it's recommended not to extinguish your cigarette on the floor, or in the food plate\ dish.


Important to know! At the high Turkey tourism season, most of the hotels are not allow to bring food and drinks from the outside, into the room. They will, however, sell you drinks at a higher cost. If you were able to bring food and drinks into you room, do not put it in the mini- bar, because you might be charged for it.

In breakfast most of the drinks are included. At dinner in contrast to that, drinks are not included. Therefore if you will order a drink during the a meal, will be debited according (drink and not sharp drinks alike).

Turkey Apart hotels, there usually a kitchenette with all the required equipment, and is possible to buy in markets and supermarkets, where you can shop in.

Rooms and location
Before booking your Turkish holiday, ask your travel agent if the hotel you are booking, is planning renovations. Though many of the hotels start renovations in the winter time, they do not always finish before the tourism season. This will prevent unnecessary arguments and grief. If you can, check out if the hotel is situated in downtown, or in walking distance from the fun places. The reason for the latest is, public transportation. Though you can always take a cab back to your hotel, it is not the cheapest thing.

The major religion in Turkey is the Islam. However, In Turkey the religion is separated from the State, and most of the population is secular.

Some hotels are next to mosques where 5 times a day, you will hear the “Muazin” (The man who calls all believers to come to pray). This is good if you pray, but if you do not, you can try and ask the hotel reception to ask the mosque operator to lower the speakers volume down. Sometime there is a good chance that the will agree for that. Please do it politely !

Hotel souvenirs”
Some people “forget” or “misplace” hotel items, in their personal belongings, before they check out from the hotel. Though a hotel's pen or stationery is O.K.

Towels, cutlery, pillows and such, is not O.K.. In some hotels you can acquire in a small amount souvenirs from the hotel with the hotel's logo. Items such as mugs, ashtrays, towels, and more. 

Remember ! pilferage is such as a stealing !!!
Be the beautiful tourist !

Turkey customs, culture and tradition

Turkish tradition is based on great respect of father and mother, family, friends, acquaintances and even foreigners. Children do not shout at their parents, they do not bad mouth and the do not them curse. The Turkey hospitality is famous around the world. When you visit a Turkish family, they will first take care of your needs, even if there is not enough for the family. There is a Turkish costume that you should adhere to, when you are visiting locals homes, yachts etc. You need to take of your shoes before you step in. you can stay as you are, though in some cases, a pair of sleepers will be given to you. As guests in a foreign country, do not to force your values and your opinions on the local residents.

Turkish mosque

Atatürk !!!

Any where you look, you will see Atatürk's face. His statues can be seen in all governmental office certainly, in all private business and in each house. His face is also on all money bills and coins. On stamps, in the drawings, objects of art and more. Even nowadays, more then 75 years after Atatürk's death, his spirit still hovers over the country. "A word of caution", (it's also against to the Turkish law) never say any thing that will show the Turkish that you disparage, despise or loathe Atatürk - the “Father of the Turks.

Pictures and photographs !!!
By the Turkish law, it is a forbidden to photograph an army camps and militaristic bases, and army vessels. Please be aware of it !

Turkey Shopping and Markets

The local Turkish dealers are veterans of the “Shopping Battles”. If you are uninterested to buy at all, do not start haggling on the price, or soon enough, you will find yourself buying something.

In spite of the fact that most of the dealers in Turkey as well as other places in Turkey are straight, it is advised to keep receipts, just in case you will asked to give prove of your acquisition (usually if the item looks like an antique). By the same token, in concern to reimbursement of vat when you leave the country. In case that you feel cheated, you can turn to the local police and or by writing to the office of the consumer in the industry and commerce office in Ankara.

In the Turkish Bazaar, in the Turkish markets and in the stores in Turkey towns, you will encounter the local dealers, who hassle the tourists to come into their shops. Many of them, know few words from several languages, that will be used “against” you.

As international language, smile can bring the best results !!!

The bus ride from Turkey airport's
When you are in the bus, listen to the guide (if it's a organized \ charter vacation). You will hear useful information. Look at the scenery (If there is light outside, that is) and let your brain to relaxed from the long journey, and just slow down and think of the fun, sea and sun.

On the way from and to the airfield there are places where you can stop for a rest, and other things as well.

Turkey Daily Tours \ Day Tours
Day tours are a very good way to get to know the area, its residents, and excellent way to get a fill for the place. It is worthwhile for you to go out for at least one day tour, and also to partake in one of the folklore nights.

We would like to turn your attention to a point that we sometime forget!

Part from of the day tour, pass in private homes and yards of the inhabitants. Some might see this as a permit to “feel at home”. But do remember ! these are private house. Remember, we are only temporarily guests. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be respectful to the people that their place you visit.

So does in regard to the environment and nature, in which you will pass. The nature in Turkey is inseparable part of the environment of inhabitants of the place. The inhabitants of the place and way of life, is in tune with the environment, to a degree that in the many hotels in the towns, public parks and even private houses, it is forbidden to cut trees down. Some trees are even numbered, so regular inspections can be made. If an authorized tree is cut down, in many cases people are placed under arrest.

Together we can keep Turkey a fun place to be in.
Be the beautiful tourist !


Responsible Tourism, The Tourism Industry
The aviation industry enables a comfortable tourism, and it makes it more accessible to touring around the world. Increasingly tourists travel to the remote places throughout the globe.

The more we learn of the needs and the problems of the world and humankind, increasingly people, attend the needs of these industries. For example the tourism industry, that functions as an important tool to the creation of peace and brotherhood in the world between different cultures. The world tourism industry, produces about $2 trillion a year, and employs more from 60 million workers throughout the world. The more sophisticate the tourists become, consumer awareness crosses bounds, increasingly pushes and demands social responsibility, ambient and ecological responsibility from the tourism industry. As a result, the industry will continue to grow and to flourish.

Peace is more then the absence of war. In order for us to enjoys more of the good things life can offer us, it can be done with the help of the tourism industry, we most receive responsibility. Thus, we need to confront and to deal with the important subjects that causes the different confrontations around the world.


Responsible Tourism, Individual Tourism
When we travel we cross not only bounds, but also cultures, ethnic barriers, and different economies, in the aspiration to unite mankind under one “umbrella”.

In order to be real citizens of the world in the global village we live in, it is up to us the tourists, to show responsibility and caring in regard to the world around us. We most try to through away the differences, and to expand the good and humanity that is in us, in order to build harmonic positive environment in the world we live in.

All to all, though our world is a home to many different cultures on one hand, on the other hand, we are all one at the end.


We, in the “Marmaris Land” have made it our goal to advancement the relations between Turkey and the world.



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Turkish community - discuss other travels about Turkey



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