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Turkey Trade Tips...

Since you have chosen "Marmarisland.com Turkey Classifieds Ads" to place your classifieds ads, we want to give you few free tips, so you can maximise your publicised ads. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to share them with us, by sending them to [email protected], and we will post them here.

Seller’s side
If you are planing to placing the same ad over and over again, one after the other, know this, it is get under the definition of “SPAMMING”. First of all, potential customers will most likely disregard your ads, and move on. “SPAMMING” will lead to banning your ads on a web site (including Marmariland.com), and blocking your user as well. As we say at Marmarisland.com “Don’t Spam and Ad” ©.

Precise to placing a price for your product, compare your price to your competition’s prices. You can look it up over the Internet, or in newspapers. Feel free to use our web site as your source for comparison.

People like to buy, not to be sold to. Use your ad to lead people to your product. It works better.

Keep your ad short, simple and clear, or you might lose many people along the way. Put more efforts when you writing your Ad title, since many search engines crawled the ad title as well as description; try to make your description content and ad title as informative summary.

Friendly ads brings more Search Engine Traffic = More Potential Buyers!
As more of your ads will contain words and terms that people are searching for, there is more likely that you increase your chances to get better Search Engine Traffic, and by that you will achieve more potential buyers searching exactly what you selling.
When describing your product, don’t glorify it,
or make it to be more then it is.
It just DOSE NOT WORK! Try describing your ads as it is.
If your ad is your “shop” then your ad title is your display window.
Make it attractive, but not presumptuous.
Keep a watchful eye on your ad’s movement and replies.
This way you can learn how good is your ad, base on your ads statistics and results, you can change your ad, until it gets the best results.
Maximize your chances to sale your products services, with our classifieds
system built-in tools such as; how many views your ad was get since posted, how many replies you receive, tell-a-friend about your ads (see all seller’s tools in seller’s Features page in left menu, as well as in your account).

Make your ad presentable; it helps in getting the potential buyers to contact you. Also, it’s good to state your price, for people to see, especially, over the Internet. People cannot touch your product.

Tell people why buy your product, or what ever it is you put in your ad,
is good, or better then other products, NOT why “there” stuff is not good!
Answer to your replies quickly as you can. If potential buyer reply to your ad,
that is, he interested. Since the Internet is full with millions of other item for sale, the buyer may not wait you forever. 

At the time of closing a deal between you as a seller and the buyer, make a receipt with signatures with a date of sale on both copies, the receipt will including also declaration that the item is being bought as is, as well as clear conditions to prevent any misinterpreted as well as protect you from any future liability.

After the sale was made, attach a receipt copy to the shipped product, and keep a copy with your records. It’ll help you keep you “shop” organized and professional. It is also useful in case of future disagreements, if such appear.

Buyer’s side

Before you shop the net, research a little bit. Compare the prices rang of what it is you are looking for. This way you know if it is in your budget rang, and you get a better idea how much it is. To get a sens of what is the right price, check newspaper’s ads, shops around you, shopping directories, comparing products portals, etc.

Before paying for a product or service, inquire about the company/ person you are buying from. You can look them up over the Internet.

If what you are getting, may need technical help, maintenance, installation,
and so on, ask the seller, if it’s part of the price, or extra. Also ask what you get for the price you pay, and if there is any “hidden” cost.

Ask the seller for the overall total price, including shipping and handling costs. If you live in a different country, make sure that the item/s you want to buy, are not tax libel in your country, e.g., electronic equipment, cellular phones, computers, computer parts, cars, car parts, etc. ask the proper authorities as well as shipments courier companies, in your area.

Make sure that what ever it is you are buying is legal in your country. You really don’t want to buy something, just to find out, it’s illegal in your country! Ask the proper authorities where you live.

When finish the sale, make sure you have a receipt with the seller’s
signature. Ask for a warranty certificate (if you buying from dealer broker), if you
think you will need it.
Ask the seller if he has a money and product / service refund policy,
and what it is. Will you get your money back, if you cancel the deal?

If you shop online on regular bases, ask your credit card company, for a limited credit card. This way you can minimise the chance of losing money, if your credit card number is stolen.

Buying payments; There are advertisers that use “Pay Pal” services - a third-party payment processor. By clicking on “buy now button” (or any other buttons that Pay Pal provide)
in seller ads, you will taken to Pay Pal secure payment server where you can deliver your payment. Your bank/card information is completely secure and never revealed to the seller.
Other online payment services that accept credit cards are: 2checkout, Google checkout, Yahoo! Pay Direct. World pay.
Feedback - Your comments are important to us!
If you have any comment or suggestions that you would like to
forward to Marmaris Land, please forward them to us along with your
name and address that will not be given to any third party. We appreciate
your input. To help us best serve your needs, please be as descriptive as possible.

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