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How it Works...

Turkey classifieds ads  - JOIN FOR FREE. Buy, sell, and trade.
Register now. It’s Easy; it’s Simple; no hidden Fess. Get free membership and start posting your ads today.

Why our classifieds is FREE?
The banner ads, as well as the Google text ads that you see on deferent’s locations in the pages are paying sponsors. They make it possible for us to pay for the cost of maintaining this site, and also keep our site FREE for everyone's use! 

Unregistered users
Choose a category below to begin browsing or enter a keyword to search for in the left column, or check the new ads in the front page and in every sub category.

Registration Process
In able to post your ads, you must be a register member. If you are just want to search and brows our classifieds directory, you do not require registering.
Please fill in the registration form to complete your registration and begin taking full advantage of what our site has to offer its members

Click to end registration link in the button of the page – click here if you want to end the registration process.

To choose deferent or other category, you have to push on the Cancel Ad Placement link in the bottom of the page, and then return back to the main categories to choose other category to place an ad.

In the end of the Registration Process you will receive confirmation to the e-mail address you have input in the registration form, say your Registration is complete successful!

Since there are different levels of spam protection and also different configurations on SMTP servers in Hosting and e-mails companies, it’s recommended that you check your “SPAM and JUNK” filters if the Registration confirmation is not received within 10 to 20 minutes. Add [email protected] to your e-mail safe list.

Login to your account
After you get your Registration confirmation e-mail, click on the login link in the upper menu bar.

User Login is very easy - Simply enter your Username and Password then click the "Login" button. The login screen will be also show automatically if you attempt to access a member feature while not logged in.

For User Attention! Account information is password protected.
Keep your password safe.

Lost password
If you are misplaced your account access information, or just forgot your password, don’t worry, Just click on the  "Lost Password" link in the upper menu bar. Fill in your email address, and our Classifieds system automatically will retrieve your password, and shortly send you e-mail with your password.

Post ads process
After you login, you can see the “place an ad" link at the upper menu bar, after you login to your account.

Start browsing the categories index, choose from a list of the main categories, and then choose from subcategories (if there is).

Ads form
After choosing your categories or subcategories, you will see the Place Classified Ad form. As more information you provide, you will get better results.

Ads posted on Marmaris land Classifieds must be related and in connection to The Turkish Community, inside Turkey, and from Turkey, including also, Turkish Cyprus, And Rhodes Island.

All ads must be in English; all other non-English post ads will be deleted.

Enter Ad duration time (ad length) 7 days up to 365 dyes
Enter Ad title (you can enter up to 30 characters).
Enter the appropriate price for your item/services. For your attention! if the requires services is under Jobs category, you can choose the requested price as a salary under the currency options.
Select whether you want potential Buyers to see your email address within the Ad.

State/Province; you can choose in the state list box a USA state, or out of USA field.
Country; choose your country from the list box.

Zip code; add your zip code in the box.
The correct Zip Code is important since potential buyers may search for items using a specified distance from your Zip Code.

Enter Ad description (you can enter up to 1500 characters).

Optional questions; Optional questions are here for your convenience. They help you enter clear concise and easy to peruse information. These fields (if used) will be placed in their own fields so that people browsing your ads will quickly find information.
Forbidden content
User agrees that he/she will not use profanity or sexually explicit images or any other content such as: Dirty language, Pornography, Spam and junk ads, Alternative witchcraft, Gambling, Pirated warez, products that violate copyright and trademark laws, of any ad. User understands that use of inappropriate content will cause the ad or the user as well to be removed from the site WITHOUT compensation or refund as well as replacement of ad.

Max Word Width In Characters:
Maximum width in characters to allow for a single word is 50 characters; URL'S are considered single words as well.

Bad words
For User Attention! Bad words are not allowed in the ad title or description, including all ad areas. All bad words will be replaced with ***** or simply be removed

When you finish to fill the ads form, click on the Submit button, then you will forward to the image form

Images form
To get better results, you can place images within your classified ad on this form. There are 2 boxes, each box will let you either upload or reference an image. If your image located somewhere else on the net, just add the URL address, or full web address of your image.
If the image you want to use is already on a website, simply right-click the picture and click on properties. Then copy the URL and paste it into the image box provided on our site when you are creating your ad. If you want to upload an image to the site click the browse button in the appropriate row and locate the image file on your computer folders.

Photos - images
You can upload up to 2 photos in your ad.
Image recommended size is a round of 640x480
Maximum upload size per image: 300 KB = bytes: 300000
Please be aware that the image may not be too big (kb), we allow images only up to 300 KB. If your image is greater than this, then you can edit your image in a photos graphic editor and optimize it to the required size by reduce the KB. Compress the JPEGs at 50% quality to reduce the size of all images to about 50-60Kb.

Compress option can be found in most of the graphic editors, including digital camera programs.

Then save the new reduced image as a “jpg’ or ‘Jif” file image and keep the original image as well.

Photos file formats
All the photos must be in - .gif, jpeg formats.

Photos upload problems
Photos upload problems, are common. The mostly main reason is, slow computers, large images, and slow Internet connections. If this is the case try using smaller photos, try to get a better connection, or both. If you need help in making your photos smaller so they upload easier, you can also ask Marmarisland.com photo services to place your images into your ads for you.
Enter no image for my classifieds ads
If you don’t need to upload pictures, simply click on the "Enter no images for my classified ad" button.

Ad Approval page
Please review the following information that you entered for your classified ad. If everything is correct click the "approve" link in the bottom of the page. If you want to change the details, images or category, as well as, edit image selection, click on the appropriate links.

Congratulations! You successfully entered your classified "ad". Click the link to view your ad.

Ads expire time
All ads, regardless of our classifieds categories, run from 7 days up to 365 days (12 months), after this period, your ad will expire. Once an ad expires, you can repost your ad again.

E-mail expire ad alert
You will receive an email alert notification 3 days before your ad is about to expire. You will then have the opportunity to repost your ad or leave it, and let it expire. If you choose not to repost your ad it will be deleted from the classifieds system upon expiration.
Change - delete your ad
You can login to your account anytime during the life of the ad and edit or make changes in your ads.

Give the buyer a complete description, including a picture to enhance your ad. Make sure you include all the important information, and always be accurate and truthful in your listing.

Sold items
Please remove any items that have been sold.

Your ad section
Each ad you place contains the follows:
Contact Seller, show as link in seller field (or in as a link in the right side) this link leads you to Contact Seller Form; Buyers enter their name, email and message in the boxes and send their message, which gets sent directly to the email that you register with us.

Tell-a-Friend link on each ad display page allows you to quickly send an ad's details to a friend using the site's messaging system. No need for email!

Seller's Other Ads link is conveniently located on the ad display page for you to view all of a particular seller's ads that are currently active on the site.

Ad Favorites" allow you to keep a list of your "Ads to Watch". Add as many ads to your list as you wish and delete them any time within your personal account pages.

Marmarisland.com does not have any involvement in the completion of purchases and transactions, including but not limited to any refunds, compensation or warranties offered. Since the transaction is between Users “Buyers and Sellers” Marmarisland.com does not get involved if there is a dispute between the buyer and seller.

Search the Classified Ads

Basic Searching
The basic search form is found in the upper left of every Marmarisland.com classifieds page screen. For best results, enter a single word and click the “Go” button. You may also press “Enter” on your keyboard to activate the search.

Advanced Searching
Search for ads within this site through the form below. When you select a category, the page will refresh with additional search fields for that particular category if applicable.

The Advanced Search feature may be reached by clicking the link just below the
Basic Search form.
You can search by any field or any combination of fields.
You can search ad Title and/or Description text.
You can search for Whole Word Matches or Partial Word Matches.
You may search by: Main Categories Subcategories zip code State – province.

Website - Link Policy
Users may place a simple link to another web page in the "Ad Content description of their listing to help provide more information about the listed item. However, the following links are forbidden:
Links to sites offering other classifieds, other than your own,
or a service that you use.
Links to sites offering, the same service
(other than your own or a service that you use).
Links to sites offering items that prohibited by law.
Feedback - Your comments are important to us!
If you have any comment or suggestions that you would like to forward to Marmaris Land, please forward them to us along with your name and address that will not be given to any third party. We appreciate your input. To help us best serve your needs, please be as descriptive as possible. [email protected]

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